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    PROJUDICATE™ is a service of the Corporate Partnering Institute
    Chicago - Skokie - USA
    or 1-847-677-1457
    Fax: 1-847-677-1004
  • "To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence. Supreme excellence consists of prevailing without fighting."  - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    Dispute Resolution Services

    Projudicate Dispute Resolution Services are intended for both small and large disputes and problems that often arise in the course of collaborative relationships such as Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and other forms of partnering.

    Projudicate Dispute Resolution Services are administered by the Corporate Partnering Institute which has been dedicated to the use of corporate partnering to generate growth and competitive advantage since 1993.

    Before You Escalate

    Before you escalate a problem, call and ask us about CPI's telephone consultation service. We can help you identify alternative solutions and explain your options.

    If it looks like you will need Dispute Resolution Services, we can explain the difference between (a) mediation, (b) binding mediation, and (c) arbitration.

    To obtain information about a telephone consultation, call 1-800-948-1700, ask for Heidi. Or email Heidi at HeidiRedford@cpi.us

    Short-Form Mediation

    Short-Form Mediation is a short 3 hour non-binding mediation session conducted by phone for a fixed sum of $950.

    For an additional fee it can be conducted as a video conference.

    If you have a simple dispute, all you may need is an independent party to get a reasonable dialog established... and keep everyone honest. If so, this may be all that you need.

    For more information see Short-Form Mediation Questions and Answers.

    See below on how to contact us to get started.

    Using Our Services

    1. Start by reading the information at the links on the left.
    2. Read what the difference is between Mediation and Arbitration.
    3. Review the explanation of how our Mediation and Arbitration services work.
    4. Review the rules for the type of dispute resolution you are seeking:
    Mediation, Binding Mediation or Arbitration

    Then - Once you've done that, the rest is fairly simple. Call or write us with a short description of the problem.

    We will take it from there.

    Contact us if you you have any questions:

    • By Phone at 800-948-1700 or at 847-677-1457
    • By email at HeidiRedford@cpi.us
    • By fax at 312-376-8825 or 847-677-1004
    • By mail at CPI, 4843 Howard St., Skokie, IL 60077

    The Corporate Partnering Institute
    By Curt Sahakian, Managing Director

    To get more information
    Call 1-800-948-1700, ask for Heidi
    or email Heidi at HeidiRedford@cpi.us

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